Doe & Dear

Doe & Dear Sessions *starting at $400

Romantic and captivating Boudoir photos, of your beauty and for your husband, within your comfort zone. Boudoir photos are a wonderful way to celebrate and embrace your beautiful self, wherever you're at in life! Due to the intimate nature of Boudoir photos, I have carefully selected the displayed images to give you an idea of my shooting style without revealing too much of my clients. While I do believe this is a beautiful process, resulting in gorgeous imagery, I also believe that the subject matter is not appropriate for just anyone to view ;) A more extensive portfolio is available for viewing upon our in-person consultation.

If you are interested in booking and would like more details, or have any questions, or hesitations you would like to talk through, please contact me here.

*Hair and Makeup styling is highly recommended to help you feel you're most beautiful! I'd be happy to recommend a few of my favorite artists!

Curious about the meaning behind "Doe & Dear"? It's a little play on words, inspired by Proverbs 5:18-19.